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Top 10_#1: Which numbers make the best combination in romantic relationships?

We finally made it: the number 1 question we get about the enneagram. ROMANCE. Which numbers should go together? Our answer might surprise you.

Adam Kent: Business Coaches & the Power of Self-Awareness

Ryan talks with business coach Adam Kent from Invictus Consulting in Las Vegas, Nevada. They discuss things like personality profiling tools, self-awareness, and how all of this affects teams and leaders.

Top 10_#2: What if I feel like I'm multiple numbers?

Counting down the Top 10 Enneagram Questions: Today we are on #2. Cody and Ryan talk about how to navigate the enneagram if you feel like you are more than one number.

Enneagram + Business Bootcamp (LIVE)

Listen in to the live recording of the Enneagram + Business Bootcamp!

Top 10_#3: Which test should I take to find my number?

Top 10, #3: Ryan and Cody discuss enneagram assessments and which, if any, you should use!

Rhea Lana Riner (Enneagram 1)

This week, Ryan sits down with the founder and owner Rhea Lana's, Rhea Lana Riner!

Top10_#4: Can your enneagram number change?

Continuing our Top 10 Enneagram Questions series, today we are talking about CHANGE! Can your enneagram number change over time? Find out here.

9 Qualities Of A Healthy Team, pt3

Today we are finishing up our series on the 9 Qualities Of A Healthy Team.

9 Qualities Of A Healthy Team, pt2

Today we continue our series on the 9 Qualities Of A Healthy Team.

9 Qualities Of A Healthy Team, pt1

Today on AEP, we start a 3-part series about the 9 Qualities of a Healthy Team.

Top10_#5: What are your favorite enneagram resources?

What are our favorite enneagram resources? Listen in and we'll tell ya!

InsuranceTown, pt2: How do different number combos work together?

This week, we are sharing part 2 of Ryan's interview with the Mayor of InsuranceTown, Heath Shearon.

Top10_#6: Is the enneagram religious?

Is the enneagram a religious icon/system? Let's find out!

Matt Hepp (Enneagram 3)

Ryan & Cody interview their old buddy, Matt Hepp, an Enneagram 3.

InsuranceTown, pt1: How can the enneagram help my business?

This week, we're sharing an episode of InsuranceTown for you to listen to. The Mayor, Heath Shearon invited AEP Host Ryan onto the show for an interview and we think you'll love it!

Top 10_#7: What is a wing?

On today's mini-sode, Ryan & Cody break into the subject of wings. Besides being one of the best food groups on the planet, they're also a fascinating little piece of the enneagram!

Nate Jebb (7) & Chandler Karadsheh (1)

We had an incredible interview with Nate & Chandler. Nate is a 7 and Chandler is a 1. They've previously worked together and are now both separately using the enneagram to lead their teams better.

Top 10_#8: Who created the enneagram?

We are working our way down our Top 10 Questions list. Number 8 is all about the origins of the enneagram. Do you know who created the enneagram?

Top 10_#9: What's up with the weird symbol?

We are working our way down our Top 10 Questions list. Number 9 is all about the WEIRD symbol of the enneagram!

Jade Fedder (Enneagram 9)

Ryan & Cody talk with South African Consciousness Coach and Enneagram 9, Jade Fedder.

Top 10_#10: Why is it called the "enneagram"?

On today's super-short episode, Ryan & Cody answer the first question in their new series, "Top 10 Questions About The Enneagram."

Utilizing Superpowers

On this episode, Ryan & Cody talk about building an awesome team by tapping into each enneagram type's superpowers. Getting the right people in the right roles can make all the difference!

Evan Teer (Enneagram 1)

Ryan sits down with non-profit CFO, Evan Teer, an Enneagram 1. Evan talks about what the enneagram has meant for his team, especially as he transitioned into his new leadership role in the organization.

Laura Hanlon (Enneagram 8)

Ryan interviews CPA Laura Hanlon (Enneagram 8) about what it looks like to lead her team using the enneagram.

Justin Young (Enneagram 3)

In this episode, Ryan interviews Justin Young (Enneagram 3), a leader with Splash Car Wash. Justin and his team have been using the enneagram to help them work together better and lead all their store locations.

Recognizing Stress In Your Team

We originally titled this episode “Dwight, Walter White, Stress, & Enneagram” because we talk about all of those in this episode. We’re looking at different popular television characters and how they respond in stress! Everyone reacts to stress differently, and as leaders, it’s important to be able to recognize those signals on your team. By using these examples, we hope to help you identify the different signals You can look for in the members of your team as they encounter stress.

Meet Cody (Enneagram 7)

Time to meet the hosts! On this episode, we talk with Cody Bray, cohost of Another Enneagram Podcast! Cody shares about his enneagram journey as well as some of the lessons he's learned along the way.

Meet Ryan (Enneagram 1)

Time to get to know the hosts! In this episode, Ryan shares about his own personal enneagram journey and some of the lessons he’s learned along the way!

The Law Of The Lid

Welcome to Another Enneagram Podcast! To kick things off, we are talking about "The Law of the Lid," which basically says that you, as the leader, become the limiting factor to your team's growth. So how can the enneagram help you "raise the lid" for your team? Tune in to find out...

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